The fans of comic books are feeling very difficult to wait for a year for their favorite comic movies. The craze of these super hero movies is getting higher by the time. It casts spell over the audience by producing curiosity in their minds.  These are the movies that are admired at broad level and are awaited for the highest entertaining level. The real fascination of these movies is the super heroes who are the source to produce perfect fiction in the show. The direction and the fantasy of the drama develop the charm all around the viewers.  You can avail these movies at Manchester united live stream. Here is a list of the movies that are amazing as a comic book and can be a superb comic book movie that can be unable to wait for the comic book lovers.

  1. Teenage mutant ninja turtles 2

The change of filmmaker makes the movie amazing that these ninja characters are supernatural in their performance. It shows the 100% faithful tone of a comic movie. It seems to display a beautiful comic book is going to be displayed on screen. It captures the audience very amazingly with its unique style. It is the movie of superheroes that perform their jobs attractively.

  1. Gambit:

It is the expectation that this comic movie is going to be displayed on the screen in the theaters in 2016. It will be an ideal film for the comic lovers who want to see their favorite heroes on screen. It will bring the famous X-Mano to life very ideally. It is an amazing movie you can get at Manchester united live stream.

  1. Daredevil (season2)

It is the ultimate result of the partnership of the Netflix and the Marvel. They did amazing efforts to produce this comic in the form of movie. It is the remarkable job of the directors that they maintain the quality and the theme of the movie in all episodes very successfully. It needs to view this movie on screen.

  1. Preacher:

It is the best comic that is related to the small screen home of the Mad Men and Breaking Bad. It has covered the long journey from small screen to big screen. This year it first version is being launched by AMC and Seth Rogen. It will be the most successful show like “The Walking Dead”. It can be easily downloaded from Manchester united live stream.