If you are wondering what could be the best casino table games this, the list should not surprise you at all. These are the sort of the games that are played frequently and people love them for the action and excitement they bring to the gaming experience ion casino.

Double-Up Blackjack by Score Gaming: Having a unique side bet, this game is played with the similar rules to that of the Las Vegas Blackjack. The players have got the option to double their wager for any of the two-hand combination and it can even total the amount of the original bet as well ion casino.

The house edge in this game is 0.84 percent, so it will not cost the players for paying the side bet at all.

Lumina Roulette: Launched by Gold Club, Lumina Roulette is a unique game for sure. It consists of eight seats that are positioned around a central roulette wheel and the whole space is covered in a thick dome. Every player places his bet electronically, so there is no need of a dealer.

During the course of the game, a mysterious progressive jackpot gets added which is generated randomly and it pay out depending on the player’s bet respectively.

Head Start Hold’em: This game is not a table game at all. Developed by Grover Gaming, it is meant for many markets like the card room slot banks and the casino floors. The uniqueness of the game lies in the fact that a player places a bet as an audience.

Five players sit around a Texas Hold’em Table and each hand consists of similar pocket cards. Each player has to place a bet on a hand that will win after they have viewed the unique flap. But the payout of every player is different as it depends on the strength of the initial hand. One player may begin with a pair of 5’s and other might begin with an AK off-suit.

Pai-Jack: This is a five card game which is to the Pai Gow Poker game. But it consists of a unique blackjack twist. This game has replaced the traditional poker hand hierarchy with the modern blackjack-style hand rankings.

In the start, there is a five card hand that is divided into two hands. One hand consists of three cards (high) that have standard scoring rules. The second hand has only two cards (low). But a new hand Pai Jack is added which consists of two 10’ds and one Ace respectively.

The payout for the Pai Jack hand is 1:1 unless a special bonus wager gets placed in the beginning of the hand. If such a scenario occurs, then the hand is paid out in even money to a spate pay table.