What is happy wheels?

Happy wheels is free online flash game. In 2010 Jim Bonacci has released it.It has stabbed hearts of many computer game lovers all over the worlds for years. This game allows players to create their account. By creating accounts they will be able to create their own levels. Happy wheels is famous for its cartoon violence, splitting blood, exploding body parts etc.

For playing this game you should have to silent your phone, order the pizza and fries and hide your clock and enjoy the game.

Featured characters:

There are different characters used in it.

  • Irresponsible father with kid
  • Wheelchair old man
  • A businessman riding a bike
  • A fat woman on bike
  • Segway guy
  • Moped couple
  • Lawnmower man
  • Boy on mine cart
  • Santa Claus
  • Pogostick and many more

How to play:

Step 1: visit the happy wheels website then visit totaljerkface.com to have this game on your desktop. There are also various demo versions for your assistance. But this one is the only place where you can play the full game.

Step 2: create an account to play this game. By creating your account you can play game as well as can rate the game. You can also save replays and even you can create your own levels and other players can play and rate it.

Step 3: this game can be played with arrow keys. Default controls are also available.

Step 4: click play and select any featured character and level. Then click PLAY NOW for starting your game.  If you don’t enjoy the level skip this one and move to the other level.

Step 5: Z button is used to eject. In some levels, you need to leave the vehicle and move without vehicle. Use SHIFT and CTRL keys to move your arms and legs. If you want to eject to walk now press SHIFT and CTRL quickly.

Step 6: now make a goal for each level. Some levels of this game are for testing skills and are filled with spikes, giant spider, arrows, landmines and many more.

Step 7: if you want to go on featured levels. Click PLAY.  A complete list of levels will appear, you can choose from these levels.

Step 8: now you should learn how death works; if your character lost leg or an arm or the all four. And blood is splitting don’t bother it keep moving. Your character will die only if its head is squished. Then press TAB or menu button to restart the level.

Step 9: save replays and rate, if you want to rate this game press ESC and select your option to rate this game. And if you want to save replay then click on SAVE replay.