It is understood that there are many advantages of social media like face book, Instagram and twitter to make your businesses very popular. But there are some businesses who have not started using social media because of this they are less popular than their competitors.

Process of gaining Followers on instagram:

It is not very difficult for people now a days to get followers on instagram. A survey from TrackMaven discovered that half of fortune 500 companies use Instagram.

Below we are going to discuss how to get Instagram followers:

Make others account post your content on their feed

In order to get followers on instagram, you need to know how much your audience is important to you. More the figure of followers on instagram increase, more you will have buyers and customers.

The quality way to make customers follow you is to always make yourself available and active. It is very complex for a person to present on your instagram account as well as on others. Buy user generated content to make your brand in customer’s feed. You can take part to instagram contest to get more people connected to you instagram account and become popular.

There is many way to get larger people connected to your instagram account. One of the way is try to get other accounts share your posts. Try not to give useless contents. Provide relevant content to your feed.


Optimization is one of the most important step in gaining followers. Complete profile information is required in order to put good impression on followers.

If all of your required information is completed like bio, image caption, relevant name and attractive image that shows reliability of your brand. But most companies are taking lack of information on account for granted and don’t fill their bios or relevant account information because of this they don’t have long lasting relationships.

This minimum information makes your account gain followers slowly. You need to be sure that your bios and account information is complete.

What instagram followers want?

A person needs to be smart enough to learn what contents audience want. Content needs to be valuable. Content should not seems offensive to followers.

You need to be up to date about new trends on instagram so you know that you are posting updated content according to trend.


Hashtags are the best way to get instagram followers. You need to find relevant hashtags that your instagram followers are most likely check.