Recently the drug that was much in use in US is known by the generic name Rivaroxaban. This drug Is given orally. In the year 2011 the FDA approved this drug for marketing purpose. In order to provide protection to the patients against the thrombosis from hip replacement therapy this medicine was given to the patients. After FDA approved it and was used frequent for other effects like Stroke, Edema and arrhythmias.  The Xarelto lawsuit attorney was well aware of the fact that this medicine has the potentials of inducing severe and at times life taking adverse effects. The prominent effects are seen on the GI tract.
Since the manufacturing this particular medicine has earned millions of dollars. It would not be wrong to quote that the company got enough profit to build another company. In just the beginning this medicine earned around 500 million dollars because it gained a lot of popularity among the patients. Apart from the great success this medicine has life taking effects. William said that the manufacturers were aware that this medicine can cause such effects so it is the sole responsibility of the owners.

Adverse effects

The thing that has put many people in doubt that how could such drug be approved by the FDA department if they were aware about the effects. On the other side it is stated that FDA has approved this drug for only limited treatments. Patients suffering from hypertension, renal or hepatic failure are strictly prohibited to use this drug because it can worsen the situation for sure.

The lawsuit against Xarelto

The lawsuit against the drug was filed after witnessing numerous cases of deaths. When the reports were collected all the deceased patients had one thing in common which was that they were taking Xarelto.

Less dangerous effects

Mainly the deaths are linked to the GI tract bleeding. The bleeding occurs in excess. The main mechanism behind this is that Xarelto thins the blood that even a minor injury would result in huge loss of blood. That is why it is recommended to take extra care while taking this medicine. There are other less common effects associated by the medicine use which are as follows:

  • Occurrence of blood in vomit
  • Discoloration of stool and urine
  • Edema
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Prolong bleeding
  • Anemia

This is the production of Janssen pharmaceuticals but other co-manufacturers are Bayer’s Pharmaceuticals. The Xarelto lawsuit attorney is most likely to be filed against both the companies. Both the companies will be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of patients. The case can go on for 10 to 15 years and it might cost around million of dollars. Everyone is seeking for justice and they want to take the revenge of the deaths of their loved ones but it seems like the investigation is in its early stages because the evidence are not yet collected and it might take years to get the justice.