Buying a mattress is a long time investment. If it is taken care of in a good way, then a mattress can last for many years. However, there are some tricks for cheap mattresses cleaning which can prevent your mattress from getting damaged and wear out sooner. There are a few general maintenance ideas which can be useful in prolonging the life of mattresses. In the later parts of the article, we are going to discuss those ideas and tricks.

Manage the moisture

One thing that is immensely harmful to the life of a mattress is moisture. A mattress is exposed to moisture not only from the environment but also from our body. When we go to bed later at night with a bit of sweat, it is absorbed by the mattress if proper bedding is not done. So, the covers act as a barrier between the moisture of your body and the mattress. Covers absorb all the moisture before it reaches the actual mattress.

Tricks to dry

Similarly, if you spill anything on the mattress, try to dry it immediately. Use a hair dryer on switch on the fan at full speed so it dries quickly. The more you delay the drying process, the more are the chances that it will be absorbed by the mattress and affect its lifespan.


In case you spill something directly on the mattress, soak up all the extra liquid before you start cleaning. Once you have mopped all the excess fluid, use a good quality fabric solution to cleanse all the tarnished area. Make sure the mattress is completely dry before you use it again for sleeping.

Keep it dry

The drying part is the most important. Do not underestimate the importance of a dry mattress. Mattresses are not that simple to replace or discard. It is an investment and you have to take care of it.

Rotate and flip

Rotating and flipping the mattress every now and then helps to prevent wearing out of the mattress. Experts advise to flip the mattress every 3 months and rotate the sides every 2 months to ensure the long life of the mattress.


Occasional vacuuming keeps out all the bacteria and dust, from storing in your mattress. It keeps the mattress hygienic and you will also not have to worry about your kids getting exposed to dust or germs stored in the mattress.

Using the above-mentioned tricks, you can even prolong the life span of cheap mattresses. It might be surprising but a lot of people use these ideas to restore the strength of their mattresses.