The main job of car covers is to protect your car’s paint job from scratches and the other rudiments just like dust and dirt. These car covers can be car specific or universal. In addition, there are different types of car covers accessible in markets that are planned in a different way for different models of cars according to their length and size.

Strom proof car covers:

These semi custom car covers are the ideal selection to protect the outer surface of your car. But these covers should be completely fit on your car because if they are not fully fit they can cause damages like scratching on it and for finding the right fit for your car measurement should be done in inches. The waterproof car covers are best in these types of conditions as generally they use plastic covered fabric or plastic film and they assist to keep the rain drops away from your car. It ensnares abridgment between your car and cover and this spellbound humidity may assail paint of your car and these results are shoddier than if you just left the car uncovered. So, the plastic brand of car cover is handy if you stand your car in a garage in winter and use flannel surface inside the cover and outside should be of plastic. Another quality of these covers is elastic hems and drawstrings that are on front. It will helps in more fitting of cover around your car.

Waterproof breathable covers:

Car covers with greatest air circulation will guard your car from the harmful effects of UV rays, rain drops, snow fall, pollutants, dirt, dust particles and heat. By using breathable fabric, any humidity that digs up under the cover of car can directly vanish and do not become a reason of any issue for the car. These sorts of covers are waterproofing in actual but air can also circulate in them.

Cotton cover for dry and hot conditions:

These types of car covers are those in which cotton or polyesters are used as material. However Blend of these two materials is also available. As polyester may cause damage in the form of scratches on your car so you should prefer those covers that use cotton only. Disadvantage of these types of covers is that they are not water resistant so, these covers are only best choice for indoor use or for hot climate areas. For outdoor use in wet climate areas these car covers are not beneficial for a long period of time.