A legal case was filed against the production company of the anti-clotting drug that is named as Xarelto. The main producers of this specific drug are Janssen Pharmaceuticals but it is also manufactured by the Bayer pharmaceuticals. The legal notification about the xarelto lawsuit attroney carries the news that the lawsuit is filed because the dug has produced many life risking affects on the human health. The lawsuit also stated that this was the responsibility of the manufacturers to warn the patients about these fatal effects. By doing so the physicians would have switched to other drug which is called as warfarin. This is also an anti-clotting agent but it has an antidote which is called as Vitamin-K.

For what purpose Xarelto is prescribed to patients

Xarelto is a anti-clotting agent which is produced under the label by Janssen Pharma. This specific drug is prescribed to patients who are suffering from:

  • Arrhythmias
  • Vein clots
  • Embolism
  • Heart stroke
  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Coronary disease

The other drug that has fewer adverse effects is warfarin. The generic name of warfarin is Coumadin. It was first manufactured in the year 1954.

What are risks associated with Xarelto?

Soon after the use of this blood thinner patients suffer from life threatening GI tract infection in which severe bleeding occurs. So far there is no antidote for this medicine. There are many other complications associated with Xarelto’s use. At times the bleeding is so severe that it can be fatal.

Some other less common adverse effects

Apart from excess bleeding the other common adverse effects are as follows:

  • Patient suffered from low levels of hemoglobin
  • Excess bleeding in the brain region
  • Sobbing
  • Nausea
  • Peripheral and pulmonary edema
  • Hematoma

Precautionary measures

Still if the patient has no choice apart from using this drug then few precautionary measures should be taken which includes:

  • Avoid such events that could result in the bruise or cut because once the bleeding has started it wont stop
  • Set an appointment with your physician if you observe any swelling, bruise, wound, cut or tinnitus or blurred vision
  • Before undergoing any treatment tell your dentist or physician that you are using this specific drug.
  • Also avoid this drug if you have hypertension, renal failure, hepatic failure, or if you an alcoholic.

Legal notice for the withdrawal of the Xarelto

So far the investigation is still in process. The physicians are still prescribing the drug and the patients are still using the drug. Usually the Xarelto lawsuit attorney will take more than 10 years before any final verdict has been made. Final shutdown notice will be given to the Janssen pharmaceuticals once the case has been processed and completed. However hundred of million mod dollars will be wasted on this lawsuit. If the patients are using the drug then the checkup should be done on regular basis to avoid any fatal effects.