Kik is help you in the inquiry and investigation about anything. Officially it is proved that this app helps you within many experts to catch all types of criminals, starting small drug dealers to terrorists. From F.B.I officers called this “multiple emergency requests” that helped to catch the criminals. According to law administration, and company’s personal estimate it is proved that about 40% of American teenagers have to used because this app provide them protection from the criminals and helped them in investigation.According the commanding officer of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force,David Frattare, said that we inform parents about the use of Kik, and to them it is a wonderful news.

Why Kik app become so popular?                   

Kik’srequest to young person’s goes far away from privacy. Teenagers love its superior emoji and other new features. It provides free and limitless texting. But it is as well place where wrong sexual content and activities can show.

“This app has come to be so popular, it’s perhaps the one where law administration has seen the more activity,” said Leslie Rutledge, the Arkansas attorney general. Established in 2009 and created into Canada, Kik become most popular style within the Western form of WeChat, the hugely famous messaging service into China that provides free texting and content delivery. Its main demand is privacy: The app is free, and permits people to catch strangers and connect with them secretly, by a user name.The company have a wide range of steps, containing supporting an annual seminarat crimes against teenagers and appointment a law administration guide on its site.

Kik’s anonymity

Kik estimates that there are 275 million users registered worldwide, with 70 % of them from the United States. But with the very secrecy that creates serious tasks for law enforcement. The app asks from the user’s actual name and also email address, then inquired about this, if those are false, then it does not give a phone number to user. It is different from other apps, because it has not the facility of to view written messages among the users, or else to display in front of the police. It can only display videos and pictures, but with some court instructions, in any emergency company can be responsible for the authorities through a record of a user’s received and sent messages.